Political Economy Workshop: Finance Capitalism

In 2012-13, the Workshop takes “Financial Capitalism” as its theme. The financial crisis of 2008-09 (and continuing) exposed the urgency of understanding the modern architecture of money and finance. The seminar begins with several reading sessions. One focuses on varied approaches -- liberal, Marxist, and unaligned -- to finance capitalism and its power. Another reading session considers the phenomenon of instability in the modern financial order. In turn, we will hear from scholars who are grappling with these issues in their own scholarship. For each of the latter sessions, the reading will include the new scholarship being presented, along with background readings chosen by the speaker. Speaker sessions are open to the interested public as well.
Speaker Sessions, Fall 2012
October 29: Prof. Carl Wennerlind, Barnard College (History), "An Inexhaustible Treasure: Slavery as the Foundation for the English Financial Revolution"
November 12: Prof. Morgan Ricks, Vanderbilt Law School, "Moneymaking: A Monetary System Design"
November 26:  Prof. James Livingston, Rutgers University (History), “Finance Capital: An Extremely Brief History of the Politics, and Vice Versa, ca. 1898-2010”