Beckert/Rockman essay on Bloomberg

How Slavery Led to Modern Capitalism: Echoes

By Sven Beckert and Seth Rockman Jan 24, 2012
When the New York City banker James Brown tallied his wealth in 1842, he had to look far below Wall Street to trace its origins. His investments in the American South exceeded $1.5 million, a quarter of which was directly bound up in the ownership of slave plantations.

Capitalism Reading Group

The Program on the Study of Capitalism is excited to announce a new reading group on the history of capitalism.
If you are interested in finding out more about the group, please contact Rudi Batzell at rbatzell [@] To join the group's email list, please click here. 
Wednesday, January 25th
Planning Meeting to discuss Spring Term readings, all are welcome 

Fall Seminar: History of Capitalism

This fall, Sven Beckert will teach a graduate research seminar on the global history of capitalism since 1750. After an introduction to some of the central debates in the economic, social and political history of capitalism, students will be guided to write a major research paper. Interested students should consult the syllabus for more details.  

Political Economy Seminar Prize

We are thrilled to announce the inaugural winners of our first ever student paper prize in Political Economy.  This prize is awarded to graduate students enrolled in the Harvard's Workshop on the Political Economy of Modern Capitalism.  Selection is based on research papers prepared for the seminar.   For the inaugural award, program Chairs Sven Beckert and Christine Desan have selected two students who wrote superb essays based on original research.  We are happy to congratulate  Duane Rudolph (Harvard Law Schoool) and Shaun Nichols (History)!